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    There's a man that has the EExSilkie cross chicks for sale for $1 each. Says they are colored like an EE, and hatched from green eggs. Would the chicks carry the recessive silkie gene? Could any of them BE silkie in appearance? Could any of their offspring? IF one chick was a rooster, would it be ok to breed to my EEs? How big are silkies? Standard size? What colors could the eggs be?

    Don't tell my hubby, cause I've got 31 chicks now, but I wanna go get a dozen!
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    Feb 26, 2009
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    I have a silkie X ee chick -- Dad=Silkie and Mom= EE. SO far (only 5 weeks old) the feathering is not looking like a Silkie and from what I've read that Silkie "fur" is recessive and most likely won't show up in the chicks. However, mine has 5 toes and a Silkie chick stance and poof on the top of the head. But thanks to mom it has green legs and beak and from dad black skin! Talk about an identity crisis!! Here is a picture -- she is a cutie
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    Quote:You are correct, the silkie gene is recessive and these chicks will CARRY it. BUT! unless the EE was also carrying it (making it a EExSilkie cross also) then there is a possibility of the chicks being silkie feathered.

    A normal feathered bird crossed with a Silkie gets you normal feathered birds that carry the silkie gene. Though they may take on other characteristics such as multiple toes, black skin, feathered feet, crests, etc.
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    Beautiful chick!

    So if I rebred to a silkie rooster I'd have a better chance of getting a silkie?

    Course I don't even own A ROOSTER, much less a silkie. UGH!

    $1 a chick a good deal or no?

    I haven't seen them, but tempted to check them out this week!
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    50-50 chance for silkie feathering then... and possibly blue egg as well...

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