effective treatment for impacted crop in chicks 3 to 4 weeks old

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    Sep 19, 2009
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    I recently lost an entire brood of free range chicks to impacted crop. Mother took chicks to areas around confined birds that were being fed a diet including scratch which included some rather large pieces of cracked corn. They seemed partial to cracked corn despite a high quality chick diet set out specifically for chicks.

    I lost half of brood before determining cause. Not all showed greatly distended crop. Those with less distended crop survived longer. I tried messaging, yogurt, baby parrot diet, and surgical removal. The fluidized foods extended life somewhat. Surgical efforts seemed not to remove all offending particles that seemed to me lodged between crop and gizzard. All chicks passed, except those with dominique father where zero lost and no impacted crops signs observed. Greater efforts already being made to deny subsequent chicks to scratch.

    More effective surgical removal option that gets particulates stuck between crop and gizzard desired. Any detailed description with pictures out there?

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