effects of feeding black pepper?

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    Sep 6, 2011
    I was talking to my mom yesterday morning and she was telling me that her grandmother used to give the chickens black pepper when the egss started slowing down. Now keep in mind this was back around the 20-30's. So I got to thinking what would it do to my chickens if I fed them black pepper. So insetead of just throwing pepper on the ground, I decided to give them a treat"Laced" with black pepper. So I gave them a big mixing bowl full of pop corn. In the pop corn I had a bunch of black pepper. I gave it to them and they loved it. almost like they didnt even notice the black pepper. Out of sarcasim, i told my MIL that I would get 5 eggs tommorrow. and laughed. we have not got 5 eggs in one day since later summer. So I get up this morning and go to the coop and she came with me. the chickens had drank about 2 gallons of water since the last time I was in the coop, and amazingly enough, we had 5 eggs. Now is this some sort of coinki dink, or am I accually on to something? I dnow the pepper made them drink more water, but pepper for laying eggs?
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    Likely the water, since eggs are mostly made of water--- and maybe the popcorn loaded them up with 'food'---- Both black and red pepper are old-time remedies for a drop in egg production, but basically I have doubts. -- Keep the experiment up.... maybe you are discovering something here.
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    Dec 13, 2011
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    have you or anyone else tried it since this day?[​IMG]
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    (And, yes...the joke was intentional.)

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