Egads--Lights Out so Soon?!?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickerdoodle, May 22, 2010.

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    Aug 21, 2009
    Well it had to happen someday soon--so why not today? I pulled the plug five hours ago and all is well! Our 5 darling girls are 5 weeks old tomorrow which means they can be at 70 ish degrees! [​IMG] Our little ladies have lots of feathers--even getting them on their heads so I thought I'd try to turn off the red light as they are still in the family room (our home doesn't get colder than 68 degrees this time of year). I am hoping they get used to fading light and darkness (huge double glass doors in the family room) so they don't get nervous once out in the coop. I am shooting for later in the week if its not too chilly and roost training can begin before we go on vacation.

    I'm sure all of you have gone through this transition. I am excited to get them outdoors so I clean the darn dust once and for all (my fan with filter idea helps quite a bit--but not enough when they are past 2 weeks of age [​IMG] ). But again, they are so darn cute to have in the room with us as they peep and "talk" so gently [​IMG] . They are so sweet and inquisitive and not a single feather is afraid of the dogs as they have lived with them (albeit is a secure wire pen) for weeks now. Gosh, is this always such a tough time? Are these the feelings that make you all want chicks again? Ack! they were just tiny fuzz butts and now they look like miniature chickens roosting on their perch! [​IMG] Does this mean the nest will be empty--no--no-- wait the--eggs! Yes! I will have the excitement of their first eggs! [​IMG] Whew, thank goodness for eggs. And composting. And worm/slug hunting. And keeping them away from the tomato plants. And showing them off to our friends. And reading more books! Yes, I can still add to my personal library of 16 books about chickens! (Um, I think hubby will ban me from Is this how you feel???
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    It's so funny reading your post because I just proposed a BYC Anonymous since I'm addicted to this site. My 7+ week girls have been in the coop for a week but I still have my 4+ and 1+ girls to go. The house will get clean eventually. I love to hear them whispering to each other after lights out. I especially love the little soft purring sound that they do. I'm not sure if it's the Orps or the Leghorns that are doing it since I only hear it coming from their brooder. I will miss them when all 18 are out of the house.

    What else can you see grow up practically before your eyes? It's like childrearing on speed!

    I can't wait for the eggs either. I don't know what I will do with them all but I'm sure I'll find homes for them.

    So you're not alone here. I think there are a lot of us here that are just finding the joy of chickens.
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    Aug 21, 2009
    Quote:Aha! That's it!!
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    [​IMG] Hi chickerdoodle, I loved reading your post![​IMG] Yes, it's hard to let them go outside to their own home:jumpy , but you will find yourself admiring them just as much once they're a year or older:cd Chickens are fascinating! Roosters too! Although, my husband has a different opinion when his gardens are being invaded! [​IMG] He calms down, once he watches the chicks with the rest of the flock:hugs
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    Aug 21, 2009
    Quote:Glad its not just me [​IMG] I am in the room with them now and they are all crashed out peeping softly. Agnes, the EE, is laying sprawled out on her side--she made a pillow out of pine shavings! [​IMG]
  6. Quote:[​IMG] Lordy are you right...if I leave the big girls food dish out so they will clean up what they kicked into the saucer, BOY do I hear about...they are starving! [​IMG]

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