Egg Addiction Is Killing My RIR Hen.


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Jan 11, 2007
The title is a bit humorus, but this condition my hen, Egg Smasher, that has afflicted my hen is starting to become serious.

I did what I was told to do by chicken books: seperate the hen in order to break her addiction. For two weeks before I moved her, she had been spending most of her time up in the loft looking for eggs. I had to put her outside in order to get her to eat and drink. She became totally dependent on the eggs for nutrients. I noticed that she was becoming thin and extremely anti-social.

When I seperated her, I gave her water, scratch, and laying pellets, but she refused to touch any of it. I dunked her head in the water, force fed her some grain, but she wouldn't do it on her own. My Dad suggested to just leave her be, and that she would eventually eat the food. Well, I gave her three days. By the third day, I gave her the scratch with egg yolk splattered on top. She wouldn't touch it.

By the forth day, I gave up, and let her have eggs. Now she's acting really strange. Her eyes are dull, the bone on her breast is poking out (under the skin), and instead of breathing, she's 'heaving', sounding kind of like Darth Vader.

I don't know if the egg addiction has to do with it. I just want answers. As much of a pain in the neck she is, I wouldn't want to lose her. Any suggestions? What disease is this?


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Jan 27, 2007
She has to stay hydrated (must maintain fluid intake).

She probably needs electrolytes and vitamins. This is the homemade electrolyte recipe:

"7g sodium chloride (NaCl, common salt)
5g sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
3g potassium chloride (commonly called "Muriate of Potash". Salt substitutes contain mostly potassium chloride)
40g glucose (a common source is corn syrup)
2 litres water"

And Polyvisol is the vitamin supplement:

"Polyvisol (liquid childrens A-B-D) vitamins at the dosage of three drops once a day for a week then taper off the next is safe"

Have you tried live insects? Meal Worms for example? If she has never free ranged and is completely unfamiliar with them this might not work (`don't know it - won't eat it'), but try it (you can squeeze them into a paste and place small amounts of worm into her mouth).

These are just suggestions to keep the hen alive in the short term, won't guess about the wheezing at the moment.

Good luck and hang in there!
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