Egg Anxiety

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    May 19, 2012
    Call me Crazy...

    but we have been raising our chickens since birth (well close to it) and have just started collecting eggs...but now my husband is a little nervous about eating the eggs! I'm not sure if I should laugh at him or agree with him.

    Did anyone else have anxiety about eating your first fresh egg??

    For the record the fact that they are fertilized may be part of the anxiety as well
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    Apr 16, 2012
    We dove right in with our first eggs. Maybe that was because we were buying eggs from people with their own chickens so we felt totally comfortable. I'm finding our eggs to be even better than the ones we were buying. Don't be nervous, just enjoy! lol Granted, ours weren't fertilized though so maybe someone can weigh in on that!
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    It did take us a while to actually believe we'd get MORE eggs tomorrow, and tomorrow's tomorrow, and tomorrow tomorrow's tomorrow ... so we did have a huge urge to save our eggs. Especially the "special" green/blue eggs. Nevertheless, I think we did manage to eat our first eggs our first day.

    About fertilized eggs ... some people pay a premium for those believing there is more nutrition in them. But when I was telling people I was going to start raising chickens I was surprised how many people, of many different ages, said, "You'll have to kill any roosters because you don't want fertilized eggs!" (they were so emphatic!) And then they'd list all the reasons why (usually something about the gross "blood spot" in fertilized eggs). Then I read a cool FAQ sheet about eggs and have lots of great replies for them now. For one thing, blood spots aren't a sign of fertilization, though they can be a sign of stress. It is difficult to tell if an egg has been fertilized without a microscope if it is gathered from the nesting box within a few hours of being laid. There is just an itty bitty spot on the egg yolk that has a slightly different appearance if the egg was fertilized.

    I did have one customer recently insist that the green eggs don't agree with her stomach the way the white and brown eggs do. Of course this is impossible, which I told her, but I also told her I'd make the extra effort to repack her cartons of eggs so there aren't any green ones in there. Another customer said when his kids were little they'd even refuse to eat the "gross" brown eggs. Other people want eggs made in a factory instead of the ones that come out of chickens' bums. My best customer is still a little grossed out by the thought of duck eggs, though I keep trying to tell her they make the Best Pancakes Ever!

    Once someone gets an idea in their head about food it is very difficult to change that idea. This is just survival instinct, so I don't take it too personally.

    Egg flavor can change a lot based on what the hen is being fed and if she is getting to scratch around outdoors. Fresh eggs are a wonderful new experience if all you know is store-bought. Some people claim the smaller eggs taste better, too. So don't feel bad if your own eggs are not as big as the "Extra Large" and "Jumbo" eggs found in grocery stores.

    If your husband is squeamish about your eggs presented sunny side up and runny, bake him something with your eggs. I bet he'd suck it up and eat. ;)
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    we did at first for short time not becase of the eggs but becase watching the girls lay them and work so hard to get them out it was more guilt then anything else. lol we got over it fast. Now i will say my mom got some fresh fertilized eggs from a friend and I did have a hard time eathign those it was all in my mind kind of thing there was no diffrace in them just in my head. lol
  5. JesikaD01

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    May 19, 2012
    Thanks for the input! We had them for breakfast and they were delicious!!!

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