Egg Auction: Waterfowl


11 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
NPIP certified birds

I have a full incubator so am offering a variety of eggs for sale. Collection starts Sunday and ends Wednesday.
Eggs will be marked so you know what is what. All birds are pure and eggs will be pure as well.

Silkie call ducks (currently 1 laying, but I have 2 hens so you may get a few more. Fertility has NOT been tested on these yet but I have 2 pairs so am hopeful the males are doing their job)

Call duck eggs (currently 1 laying but may have more start up). This pen has whites, blue penciled pied, and black and white "ancona" marked ducks. Fertility is currently running 60+%.

Sebastopol Goose: White curly trio, 1 lavender hen, 1 dark saddleback gander. I have 1 laying in this pen also at this time. I have 5 out of 5 eggs growing in my incubator.

Ancona ducks: black and white females over a blue and white male (I have these separate from the rest of my flock to see if the females are carrying other colors but have not had any hatch yet). Fertility with these is currently 100%

I just did one of these auctions and the winner got 2 goose eggs, 3 silkie call eggs, 3 call eggs, and 5 ancona eggs. But your variety may be different, no promises!

AUCTION STARTS AT $10 and must increase in $1 or more increments. Bidding ends Tuesday April 15th at 6PM Eastern Time. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING (you can PM me for a quote as I do it by location. It's usually around $15-25 depending on where you are located). Bids can be placed below so everyone interested can follow and see where it's at.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Sorry for the pics (the silkie duck pics were taken right before they molted. I haven't taken any recent ones. And I don't yet have pics of my geese but can get some next week).

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