Egg bound-any new ideas to help her?

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    I have a 1 yr old Comet/Red Star hen that has been laying very large eggs ever since she began laying at about 5 months old. Over the weekend she became very quiet, stayed by herself, puffed her feather up and was pooping runny, smelly stuff. I washed her bottom off and saw that there was a piece of shell about the size of my thumb sticking out. Took it out, a tiny drop of blood. Saw that she was eating and drinking and left her alone. Today, she did not seem any better. I gave her some warm oatmeal with canola oil in it (all I had) which she ate, poured mineral oil on her vent-seemed to go in with no problem, and put her alone in a dark crate with some water tonight. Anything else I can do? Thanks for any help!
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    Bump. Hope someone has some insight... Good luck!
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    Your poor hen might have a broken egg that can't pass, or she could be eggbound. If she were mine, I would set her in a warm bath, with nice water just high enough to cover her bottom for 5 - 10 minutes. This helps the vent relax and encourages the muscles to gently move anything along. Just be sure to dry her off well afterward.

    I would also keep her confined in a cage or kennel indoors with plenty of food and water -- and very little light -- until she is better.

    Please keep us posted on how she does. Others might have more to add. Good luck!
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    Was she in a pen with other chickens? There is a possiblity that she would have layed the egg fine, but another chicken may have broken it. I agree with the warm bath idea. It relaxes the muscles and she may pass the egg in the tub. Also, you can try putting lubricate in her vent (NOT too much!!) and NEVER use oil-based lube on birds or any other animal for that matter. You can feed her plain yogurt as well. Most chicken love this stuff and it does wonders in perking them up.
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    Checked on her this am and she looks good-no more runny poo in the crate-just normal stuff. Maybe she just needed a little mineral oil and alone time. ---Hmmm... sounds like an old lady I used to know. Thanks for the help!

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