egg bound but laying really weird things help please


8 Years
Aug 25, 2011
my old chicken rosy had just started laying eggs again after her moult.she laid perfect for 7 days then stopped. i thought she was just going to be erratic after all she is now coming up to 3. after a few days she started walking like a penguin and her tummy was rock hard. after looking up all advice i thought she must be egg bound. yesterday i bathed her for half an hour and put liquid paraffin up her and down her.
when i went back to her a few hours later there were two of the strangest things she had passed. they are about 2" long and 1" wide. they are the colour of an egg (brownish) but had loads of lumps on them. my husband and i cut up one each. inside it was the texture of liver but had lots of little white circles inside it. it smelled like cooked meat. there was no shell on it and it was very dense. what on earth has she passed. i have gone through the whole process again today as she is still no better. she is eating and drinking abit but staying in her shed.her tail is up but she is breathing quite fast.if i hold her she doesnt seem to be in pain but her tummy is still rock hard. any help please would be wonderful. many thanks jane

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