Egg bound chicken??

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    Hi All, I have a chicken that I think may be egg bound, however, I can't feel an egg in her abdomen or vent. I have palpitated the abdomen and put my finger in the vent. I feel nothing hard. Am I feeling in the right spot? Do hens sometimes act egg bound if they are stressed? We recently allowed our 3 month old pullets to mingle with the older flock. Would this cause stress? She is sitting on her nest all the time, and recently she has been tufting her feathers. Some
    Pecking at the vent, but mostly under her wings she is pecking. I have separated her, am doing warm baths, calcium and lubricating and nothing is happening. This behavior started Saturday when the pullets were allowed to mingle with these girls. They were in a separate pen side by side before. I think one of the pullets might be a cockerel. My egg bound (maybe) hen is top hen. Would this cause stress?
    Her comb is red, good color and her eyes are bright. She looks good, just bx is off. She is pooping solid poop.

    How do you tell if a chicken has a fever?

    Really concerned as she is my favorite. Any advice?

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    It could definitely be stress since it takes chickens a while to get used to each other. But it could also have been a disease that was passed from the younger flock to the older flock. It could just be a small cold or parasite. That would be my guess, that she got something from them and is under the weather. I hope she feels better soon!
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