egg bound, now egg may be cracked internally ; (

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  1. green mama

    green mama New Egg

    Sep 14, 2012
    tweety was in the nest all day trying to push out her first egg.
    she is a little smaller then her sisters and i felt her pain as i have giving birth twice myself.
    by the end of the day she had a prolapsed vent and had little drops of blood.
    when she pushed, air was coming out making a blowing sound.
    i gave her a warm bath and applied prep H.
    her behind looks better but she has not passed the egg or any poop in almost a week!

    she is inside w a heat lamp.
    not eating much, i gave her calcium and she nibbled at some watermelon.
    yesterday she did not eat or stand up and her wings were drooping.
    last night i used an eye dropper and gave her pureed prunes and water.
    it has been 6 days of baths and massage with no results ; (

    so here is the worst part...i was massaging her belly in the bath last night and felt a little pop...i think i broke the egg!
    i feel just terrible!!!!!!!

    i put my finger in her rear and felt didn't seem like she liked it, so how far am i supposed to go in there?
    i syringed some plain warm water in and nothing came out.
    she is resting on a towel in a box so i can see everything that comes egg-like anything.
    i was reading from other discussions to try white vinegar/water -i'll go to the store to get some later today and try again....but i am hesitant bc her bottom is a little raw and i'm worried it will burn?

    any other advise on diet and how to extract an egg when baths and massage aren't working and now the egg may be cracked?

  2. OldChurchEggery1

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    Sep 27, 2011
    Yikes. I've never had this happen. I've also never heard of fishing around for an egg through a chicken's vent. I wouldn't do that again if I were you. If she hasn't pooped or laid the egg in a week's time, that doesn't really bode well. If she were my bird, I would put her down. When nothing goes and nothing comes out, a chicken probably doesn't have much time left. Maybe someone else will have a cure for you that is something other than the hatchet. If she does pass an egg and winds up okay, NEVER hatch chicks from her. She may have some kind of skeletal deformity that makes her pelvis too small to lay. You don't want to perpetuate the problem in your flock.

    One thing- what age and breed is she? Some breeds can be prone to problems whether it be prolapse or coming into lay too early.
  3. green mama

    green mama New Egg

    Sep 14, 2012
    thanks for your advice! she is about 7 months old and the others started laying about 10 days ago.
    a farm just took in our rooster so no babies for this lady.
    folks have suggested carefully reaching for the egg and i didn't really understand how that was supposed to work!
    i think the baby food prunes last night may have helped bc she pushed out a thin 6 inch constipated/hard poo.
    still no egg though ; (
    walked around a little today so i have hope but don't want to see her in pain much longer.
    i'm giving her til monday, tear.
  4. mabel7115

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    Jun 5, 2012
    If it a broken egg a vet can treat her for it and she should be ok. I have a pullet that laid an egg without a shell, took her to the vet and he treated her and she is doing better. If you do not want to put her down it would be worth the vet exam to check her out.

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