EGG BOXES/CARTONS To sell my lovely Free Range Eggs

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    Apr 9, 2011
    Hi all.

    I hnow have 5 Hens, one of which is too young to lay at the moment (she was sold to us as almost ready to lay and that was about 7 weeks ago!!!) I was just wondering if anyone knows of a cheap supplier of Egg Cartons/Boxes here in the UK.

    My gorgeous Girls are supplying us with 3-4 eggs per day which is great as I can make quiches with them, egg mayonnaise sandwiches, cakes etc but now I am struggling to keep up with them and have decided to have a go at selling them in half dozens. It's quite exciting, but I need to get everything at the cheapest price to keep the costing down. I thought 6 eggs for 1pound was quite a good price.

    Hope someone out there in the UK can help me.



    A Happy Mummy to 5 Hens [​IMG]

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