egg broke in chicken...advice


9 Years
May 2, 2010
I posted the other day thinking an egg broke inside my chicken. I was right, that's what it is. I can see yoke coming out now, little pieces.

I tried to get her in warm water and to- with KY lube and a latex glove- clean out the vent. She would have none of this and I didn't have the heart to hold her down. I will give her an antibotic in her water, but I don't know if I can do more than that. If anyone can give me some adivce if I should force further care or not, I'd appreciate it. She is a young hen, under a year and never has layed very well, a few soft-shell eggs and one without any shell. All my others lay wonderfully. The are all on the same diet of good brand laying feed.
The sick hen has no energy and looks very uncomfortable. If it comes to it, I will get her put down (for $10) I can not cull. (Sorry to disappoint the "real" hen farmers at this blog.) I am hoping someone can help me. Can she get better on her own? Can she expel the egg and recover? Or does it sound like there's no hope?

I did ask my vet. he said to do what I mentioned above. and beyond that- this forum is full of experts.
I actually got so far now as soaking her rear in warm water. she seemed to relax in it. I will try it again in a little bit and see if I can clear her vent a little. still, opinions/exprience appreciated.
Poor sweet hen - so sorry this is happening to her.

The antibiotic is important (right kind and dose) in the event the eggshell has pierced her insides and incited infection.

Pain relief may be a good idea to help her hang on through this and to entice her to eat/drink. See what the vet recommends. I am not sure I would recommend the usual aspirin water because if she is bleeding internally that could exacerbate matters. Maybe the vet will recommend Metacam or something else that is not a blood thinner. It sounds like she is so uncomfortable and this would at least make her less miserable no matter what is ahead.

Just had this happen two days ago. I did the warm water soak. She took a nap while I held her to dry off. She seemed to perk up some and wanted back outside so I put her out and fed them all some cheese and cottage cheese. Next morning she was missing. Found her in the nest box and did not think she would last the day but when I got home she seemed fine. I found goop and another odd shaped egg in the box. She is still good so I would not give up just yet. I have another that I have to give crushed egg shells to or she has problems. I think she does not process the calcium well.
Also, and this is VERY important, keep her in quiet darkness most hours of the day for now so that her body does not try to make more eggs. Check on her a lot and comfort her because she may wonder why on earth she is in this dark world, but it could save her.
Thank you everyone. As I said, I soaked her bottom. I could not bring myself to search her vent with my fingers as I didn't want to tear anything that might be swollen. I'm not a vet and I don't feel right doing that. She did seem a little better. Was out in the yard, pecking around, lying in the sun. I didn't know to keep her in darkness, but of course that would make sense. I can only watch her, keep her in a quiet darker space tomorrow if she is still in this state.

One thing: I know how the egg broke inside her. She lays soft shelled eggs, as I mentioned, and 2 other hens were on top of her in the nesting box the other day. I need to post in another section to see what i can do about that situation as it's horrible! Even though there are several nesting boxes they all crowd into one.

Have you tried putting golf balls in the other nests to encourage them to use other nests? Chickens tend to go where one has already laid because (supposedly) they think it must be a good spot. Make them think there are more good spots.
very good idea. I just posted in another forum about how to get them in another box. What if I take the first egg of the day and place it in the other box as soon as it is layed...? Thus encouraging the next layers to go there.

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