Egg Burritos!!!

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    I love having a big batch of egg burritos handy for easy, portable, nourishing breakfasts. It takes a bit of time & effort to make them, but Future Me is always grateful to YesterMe for having done it.

    The last time I made them I added a lot of extra goodies and they came out very well. I started with scrambling a bunch of eggs in the electric skillet. Most of them were from my guinea hen, so the eggs were extra rich. Then I added a jar of salsa, a bag of frozen diced green peppers, and some tomato sauce. It also seemed to be a good idea to add some finely grated fresh carrot, canned pinto beans drained & rinsed, and some frozen corn kernels. I also opened a few cans of diced tomatoes, stuck my stick blender in them and mixed them up. I let everything simmer until the liquid was absorbed or evaporated, then covered everything with grated cheddar cheese.

    When the cheese was melted I made the burritos, putting a few spoonfuls of the filling in each tortilla, then rolled them up and secured them with toothpicks. I made a couple dozen with this.

    I keep several at a time in the refrigerator, the rest freeze well. I make them dry enough so they can be eaten out of hand while driving without dripping sauce or cheese. But the fillings are nice & moist. My favorite way to eat them is to microwave them for about a minute to heat them through, then put them in the toaster oven to give the tortilla crunch. I open the flap to squirt a little taco sauce along their length.

    These are great for breakfast at home or on the go. They also are good for other meals, especially surrounded with rice and covered with sauce.

    The finely grated fresh carrot is a favorite secret ingredient of mine, a good way to add some extra nourishment to a meal without affecting the taste or texture. And I try to find the healthiest kinds of flour tortillas to use. You have to look at the nutrition label and the ingredients, many flour tortillas have a very high calorie count and/or use hydrogenated fats.
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    Sound delicious. we eat a similar version of breakfast burrito almost every morning. I use a cast iron skillet on a propane stove and fry up diced onions, assorted peppers like pablano, bell, jalapeno and hatch chiles. sometimes I add sliced button mushrooms. scramble up a bunch of fresh eggs and put it all in the tortilla with shredded sharp cheddar and some medium green chili salsa. Another good thing I sometimes add is tater tots, I just bake 'em till they're crispy and toss one of two in each taco


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