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12 Years
Jan 30, 2007
Rosharon, TX
i sell eggs to the public and thought i'd sell them in one of those recycled plastic egg cartons. i tried some calculations and it seems i can't find them anywhere for less than 40 cents a carton after you put in the shipping. does anyone know anywhere i can find these cartons?
I checked, the other egg something site and MM has some cut they all come out to about 40 cents a carton by the time you put in shipping.
I bought 10k cartons. I'm surprised how quickly I've been going through them. Our rules do not allow for the re-use of contaners, so it's a clean carton every time we pack eggs.... which is about ever 4 days now.
Who did you get your cartons from and about what was the cost per carton. I can get them locally for .25 cents each.

I have a call in to a company back east that manufactures them, but they haven't called me back yet.

I think I saw some at the feed store for 35 cents each once. However... I mainly sell to friends/acquaintances so I'm not a real business. If you are, you will have to go with fresh cartons each time in most places.
my feed store sells the yellow foam cartons for 15 cents a carton. but my eggs are very multicolored since i have white layers, marans, easter eggers, and your brown eggs layers that it's much prettier packaged in a clear carton.

i wouldn't mind paying 25 cents a carton but 40 cents is a bit much. i don't have a real chicken business so my real job's coworkers recycle their egg cartons with me. it saves me alot of money, but i don't get very many dozen cartons. mostly 18 paks and i need more doz cartons, so i was looking around.

greyfield, you should sell your cartons on byc!

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