Egg Charting?


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Lincoln, Nebraska
Does anyone keep track of which hens are laying eggs each day? Is this something I should put on the calendar to make sure none of them go too long? I only have 3 pullets and each lay an egg that is a slightly different color so it wouldn't be too hard to keep track of I just wasn't sure if this is something other people do.
It's something I've considered but decided against it as it means confining 10 ex-bats to close-quarters
(and they have already served their time in tiny cages).

Instead, I marked the day I bought a new bag of feed and the number of eggs each day. So far I have
a 20kg bag lasting 14 days and getting 107 eggs - a cost of approx 11p per egg. However, I also supplement
with own-grown greens, worms, etc, which costs nothing but time. Most days I get 8 or 9 eggs from 10 girls.
I get a drop to 5 when the weather is bad for two or more days in a row.

Rather than upsetting myself and my girls, I've decided to wait until egg production is around 55-50% before
deciding which ones to give away as pets by the process of segregation and counting eggs per hen.

I hope this helps.
I keep a record too. I have a calendar on my computer and I put on there how many chicken eggs I get, how many duck eggs, the temperature, heat index (these two are a big deal here). And I leave myself room for notes, like, Found thin shelled egg in nest that was light brown, tossed in trash.
I don't keep track of individual birds since I have 9 laying and 5 more growing fast. And it's too hot to do a trap nest on them to identify which one laid what and how often.

But keeping a record is a good thing IMO because it let you look back and see what happened and when.
I keep track also....but until I can get leg bands...I have no clue what hen laid what egg!!
Mine are each laying a different colored egg and I only have 3 hens so it's easy to tell who's laying what. I just thought if a girl went too long between laying I would know one of them might have an issue that needs further investigation. I wasn't sure if I was over thinking it or if I should just be happy I finally have eggs. I have no plans to get rid of any of them based on laying ability we have had all three since they were 3 days old.
I thought about issuing my 9 hens each an ID badge, and make them scan in before entering one of the nest boxes.

I've been keeping track of how many, but not who laid. I do know that all 9 are now laying since I got 9 out of 9 last Friday.
I keep track. But really just for the fun of it. I log it on my blog. I know I've missed a few eggs here and there so it's not 100% accurate. But it gives me a good idea of who's laying. And an excuse to celebrate the milestones. They all recently surpassed the 100 egg mark.

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