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6 Years
Apr 12, 2013
Quick (and probably dumb) question.....I have 3 chickens (EE's I believe) and got my first egg on Labor Day (Way To Go Camilla!!!!). Should I be removing the eggs daily? I have been but the. Was wondering how often I should be. Daily makes sense to me but I really am not sure. Thanks
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Daily is really best. If you refrigerate them, they will be fresher. If you leave them around for an extra day or two, they are more likely to get broken from being jostled around, or poopy. But there is no real harm in leaving them for a day or two, other than this. It's remotely possible they will become egg eaters if they figure out that breaking them makes a tasty snack -- chickens will definitely eat any egg that gets broken. But we skip a day around here with some regularity, and don't have an egg eater (meaning one who breaks them on purpose) in the flock.
I check my chickens multiple times a day so if I see an egg I take it. I worry about one breaking because half of my girls still aren't laying but will get into the nesting boxes and play around. So far they have never broken an egg but that doesn't mean it will happen
Thanks, thats what I do too. I have a total of 3 hens, Camilla, Lola and Gingersnap. Camilla is the oldest by a week or two and the only one laying eggs so far. The funny thing is that her first 2 eggs were in the nesting boxes and I was all excited that she figured it out. abt 2 days ago all 3 birds were in the coop when Camilla was getting ready to lay and egg (i think) i heard quite a ruckus and when I checked a tad bit later the shavings from the nessting boxes were strewn about and camilla laid her egg on the floor in the corner. Now today the egg was in the corner again....silly chickens

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