Egg eater or molt?

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    Feb 24, 2008
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    Last week it looked like two or three of my girls laid their first egg. I already had three who were laying. The most eggs I've collected in a day was 5. From the size, shape and colour, I'm pretty sure three of those were first timers. Since then, last week, the number of eggs I'm getting has begun to dwindle. The last 4 days have been two to three egg days, and I know one is always from my Red Stars. Maybe I'm being impatient, but I suspect something is amiss. The girls are still cackling like mad there just aren't any eggs to justify it. There isn't anywhere in the run to hide eggs, so either they aren't being laid or they're being eaten. No one looks like they're molting, but it could just be starting. Most of the shells have been quite sturdy. A couple that looked like first timers were on the weak side and I've found three so far in the run, not the boxes.
    Here's the rub: I have been feeding Flock Raiser with free choice oyster shell. I have a couple of cockerels and some younglings in there, so I didn't want to impair their health with layer pellets. Just how bad are layer pellets for roosters? Could I get away with mixing the Flock Raiser and Layena?
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    Feb 24, 2008
    Carrollton, GA
    Mystery solved! I have an egg eater and she's teaching my darling ( [​IMG] ) Carmine to eat them too.
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    Quote:HENS need laying pellets and roosters can eat it as well . Why do you THINK Pellets impair their HEALTH ? One pullets reach 18 weeks old they can be switched to laying pelles ...
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    Layer pellets have to much calcium for chicks that are to young to lay I think thats what the OP meant by younglings I think

    edit to add: Most people say don't switch until you see the first egg.
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