11 Years
Apr 24, 2008
Detroit Michigan
So I though my chickens stopped laying eggs...turns out I have an egg eater. I believe one chicken is breaking the eggs open, and then the others are eating them.

They always have food in their feeder, and a bowl of shells to snack on, plus they get table scrapes so I don't think they are missing something in their diet...or are they?


How do I stop this horrible behavior? I've heard that replacing the eggs with golf balls helps, is that true?

I've been trying to check for eggs more often to save the eggs before they get to them but I keep opening the coop to broken egg shells.

My chicken never lay eggs in their nesting box, they lay them in a corner of the coop, always the same corner, I've tried and tried to get them to lay in the box, with no luck.

I can use any tips you can throw at me, thanks!

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