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    Jan 22, 2016
    I left a post on here the other day about my BCM's possibly eating their eggs. I caught them in the act this afternoon. Well, it's one of the two or both. Whenever I walk out to the lot where my coops and runs are, my hens and roosters get all excited. I went inside and there was the prettiest, dark chocolate egg I've ever seen. I picked it up and it was still warm. We still have snow on the ground here from last friday. Then I noticed a hole, like a peck mark on the end. I had one ceramic egg in there already that they kept kicking out next to the door of the run. I put another ceramic egg and two golf balls in there. I can't really separate them because I have other roosters and hens or pullets. This BCM pullet is low in the pecking order compared to my other hens Any ideas? Could I put any kind of scent on the fake eggs to keep it from happening?. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Collect often. Keep the nests full of fake eggs and up the protein. Can you cage that pullet for a while so she doesn't teach the others?

    It usually starts from a broken egg so make sure there is oyster shell available always.
    If they're all laying use layer pellets with a little fish for a protein boost.
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    Sorry to read about your troubles. As "chicken canoe" said separating her would be best so she doesn't teach the others where the tasty stuff comes from. You said that is not possible but a good large dog crate goes a long way in chicken keeping from what i've seen. Maybe look into getting one down the road.
    As for what you can do without removing her, can you alter the nest box and make it a roll away nest box? This way the egg would be laid and almost instantly roll into a protected/hiding area under the nest. If i ever get an egg eater this is what i will be doing. Seems easy enough to build with a few "normal" house hold tools. Just google diy roll away nest box and you should be able to come up with a design you like.

    Good luck to ya!
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