Egg eating chickens :( suggestions?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by SassyKat6181, Mar 26, 2012.

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    I used to get the occasional broken egg.....nothing left but a small pile of white. (they get oyster shell free choice) Now I am getting an egg with a hole in the end and all of the inside is gone. Last week there were 3 in one day. I have 28 chickens. I took the three and filled them with frenchs yellow mustard and put them in the boxes before bedtime. When I went down to let them out in the morning, they were licking up that mustard like it was the best treat ever. Backfired!!!! Is there something else to try? I can't wait in there all day to see who it is. Thanks
  2. Yes, try dish soap. Mustard is something a chicken would eat naturally. Even the hot stuff is like candy. Good luck. Usually the only cure for an egg eater is a roll out nest or an ax..........Pop
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    I had the same problem and put sloped floors in my nest boxes which cured the problem.

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    Oct 11, 2011
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    I have a question about this method. When the eggs roll out what do they land on and what keeps the next egg being laid from rolling down and smashing the others?
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    I put in the sloped floor over the original floor. Now when a hen lays a egg it rolls down the sloped floor to the back of the nest box and drops down to the original floor and rolls up under the sloped floor to where it can't be reached. I have carpet covering the sloped floor and the original floor. I let the carpet on the original floor roll up the back of the nest box so when the egg rolls down the sloped floor it hits the carpet on the back of the box and drops down hitting the roll in the carpet that propels it toward the front of the nest box on the original floor. The back of my nest box is also my door for collecting the eggs. When the door is closed the carpet on the bottom (original) floor lays against it.

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    All good ideas here---

    not on the 6-tips list linked above.... Fake eggs, ceramic or wood--- left around and not able to be broken into may discourage them from breaking into the eggs..... Sometimes feed/farm supply stores have them...and they can be gotten on Ebay --- and from

    Hope you can cure them!
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    What a pretty and practical coop!
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    Cracker Barrel stores also carry ceramic eggs in both brown and white. They are almost unbreakable.

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