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9 Years
Jul 6, 2010
so, I got numerous replies from my questions regarding egg eating chickens: have two chickens that starting laying about a month ago, one Rhode Island Red and the other an Americauna. Got advice: black oil sunflower seeds, which I've tried, adding crushed oyster eggs, which I've tried. Two suggestions which I tried were to fill a store bought egg with Dawn dish detertergent after blowing out the egg and sealing with wax; the other with hot mustard and sealing the same. What I later realized is that chickens have no sense of smell or taste and that I was basically giving them a treat!!!! Thanks to those of you who do not realize these facts - and then the coop smelled of hot mustard and dawn dish detergent and the chickens had massive diarrihea. Just a suggestions for us newbies to chicken raising - if you don't know for sure of your advice, please don't give it - it really leads to a feeling of failure and mistrust in advice given to you by "experienced" keepers. I've kind of lost my faith in this advice. Any experts out there? Personally, I've found that taking the eaten shell and putting it in front of the "offender" and scolding with a loud "no" has worked the best. Honestly, I think they are bored. and don't know any better because they don't have a veteran layer to show them the ropes.
I dont know who gave you that advice but I have heard it works-I have never used it-but If I had someone who told me to scold my chicken and say no to it-I would think you would have flipped your lid! As soon as I catch an egg eater I pull egg away and kick hen out of nesting area-( not literally) it happens from time to time when they lay and it hits a hard surface and cracks the eggs-the chicken turns around and sees the open egg and goes to town-its their nature for that. Alot of times I have seen people having to put down the guilty party because nothing they did works and they continue to eat all eggs-or as much as they can. Its all up to how much you'll tolerate you never know what works until you try all advice I guess-being a newbie though I would not criticise the very people you turned to for help-it honestly doesnt go well as you will see-if you dont like the advice... dont do it again ...and move on to the next technique..maybe look at how many posts a person has to determine who you feel would know the most-a person with 2 posts and new at chickens I would not follow their advice-a person with hundreds of posts or thousands I would try what they say good luck~
Sometimes free advice is worth what you paid for it. I suggest filling the egg with water and hooking it up to a car battery. Then look for the chicken with no feathers and the darker beak.
ahhhh LOL...see what I mean??? Sorry... but come on that was funny!

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