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    Apr 25, 2011
    Went out to let the hens out this morning, around 7:30, barely light enough to see in the coop. Hens already off their roost and ready to go... when they ran out I hear something in one of the nest boxes... there is one of my RIR's in there eating an egg.... the shell was peeled off but the membrane was still intact. Weird to me, but grabbed the shell, and the egg and tossed out, and gave the hen a thump on the beak, and semi politely grabbed her and put her out into the run. Now what do I need to do here, it was pretty dark so not sure which RIR (I have 4), they al lay nice hard shelled eggs, should I also add some oyster shell? They get a good qaulity layer feed.
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    Jul 20, 2011
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    well chickens eat just about anything so its not too weird but they also know what they need and there must be a deficiency of something. if it is only the one is could be an issue with genetics and she simply cant get what she needs no matter what supplements shes getting but hopefully not. i would for sure try adding some calcium in some way and see if that stops her otherwise its a deeper issue.

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