Egg Eating Or am I NUTS!!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Ericasl, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Sorry there has been so much egg eating talk on here I swear I am freaking for nothing. I was just out cleaning my nesting boxes (just got my first DE) and when I was sweeping out on box there was some really yellow shavings that looked like yolk! I get anywhere from 16-20 eggs a day, but yesterday I got 1 egg that looked like it had one peck in it. But I already got 16 eggs today and will probley get 3 or 4 more today yet. If one egg got broke would they eat everybit of it? shell and all ?? Also would they stop at 1 egg or go nuts and eat them all. I got 4 eggs at noon and 12 more at 3pm. So if I had an egg eater would she just let 12 eggs lay in the boxes?? They eat 20% crumbles, I have grit and oyster shell clean water and they get about a cup 1/2 of boss each day, and If it is going below freezing I will give them some corn at night. They also have an acre to roam in? So do I have one just starting or am I just nuts???[​IMG] I have 25 ladies but I am not sure if they are all laying yet.
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    Yes they could eat it all including the shell.

    My girls will eat any egg that has been cracked but don't bother the other eggs. I think it's a mechanism to keep the nest clean. Or maybe they're just recycling. [​IMG]

    My girls will be five years old at the end of the month and I still don't have any that deliberately break eggs. So I wouldn't worry about it just yet. [​IMG]

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