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    The last 2 days I have found 1 of my eggs with a hole pecked in the top and about 1/4 of the inside eaten. One light colored egg and 1 brown egg was eaten. I have never had an egg eater and this is my worst nightmare come true!:rant
    3 Sexlinks JUST started laying and I'm suspecting its one of them. How can I catch the culprit? I do not want the others to follow along so I need this nipped in the bud ASAP.

    They are eating a mix of Flock raiser and Layena pellets free choice and free range 1x a week.
    I'm assuming this is not going to stop and I will need to send the guilty into freezer camp?
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    My suggestion would be to put wooden eggs or golf balls into the nest boxes. The pecking hen will likely attempt to break them and give up upon realizing that she can't break it.

    Also, make sure your nest boxes are properly equipped to protect eggs. Put plenty of shavings or hay in the nest box. If an egg is laid and cracks due to a hard surface, then the hens will go at it. Just double check that eggs aren't breaking after they are laid. They shouldn't be, but its always good to make sure!

    Best of luck!

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