Egg flavor in North Idaho?

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    My best friend lives in Hope, her dad lives in Sandpoint. They are buying the 'better' eggs from the store. Both have noticed over time that the flavor, specifically the whites, have degraded. Her dad recently visited Wisconsin, had some eggs, and they were fine. So the question is, has anyone noticed a change? This is probably not the best place to ask, since most of us have our own birds and get the best eggs, but if you have any friends or neighbors who still buy store eggs, have they noticed a change in flavor? What are they feeding the birds to cause this? Just wondering. My eggs from my Kansas girls are just as good as ever.

    Also, is there anyone close to Sandpoint, (my friend works at Coldwater Creek) Hope, or maybe Clarkfork, who they could buy 'real' eggs from, and how much do you charge? I'd like to hook them up with some decent eggs! (pastured or free range would be ideal)
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