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    Ok... I admit, I'm new to this chicken trend, but I'm LOVING it .... I have raised 10 baby chicks are they are due to lay anytime.. My questions - Is there a particular time when the girls lay their eggs (such as in the morning or at dusk or is it just whenever)... Do I clean the eggs with water or what...... And, How much time do I have to get the egg from the nest to the refrigerator without them spoiling....

    I also raised 6 baby mallard female ducks.... Will they lay eggs too?
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    Welcome to our world!!

    Mine tend to lay before noon. There is always 1 egg at 7 when I open the door, the rest follow suit!

    Your best bet is not wash them if you can help it. This washes the natural protective coating off. If you must wash, use those first.

    Some folks here never refrigerate. In the summer I do, in the winter thre are always eggs on the counter in a basket! There pretty! [​IMG]
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    I don't refrigerate my eggs. I only wash them if they are very messy and then I use those straight away. Others I brush the dust off with a cloth.

    Eggs room temp on the counter cook better than refrigerated eggs.
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    If you must wash, use lukewarm-not hot waternad wash the poop or dirt off and air dry before refrigerating. Air dry completely before putting in a carton or box in the fridge. I have let mine sit for a couple days before washing due to lack of sales or whatever, and not had any problems, but would probably be best in a cool room.
    HTH Janet
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    Yes your mallards will lay eggs.

    My chicken eggs rarely need washing. They are usually spotless. I keep clean shavings in the nest boxes. I do refrigerate my eggs and I only wash them when I go to cook them. I don't think my girls have a set time that they lay. Although they are farely young. Maybe they'll establish a routine when they're older.
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    Mine lay in the morning, usually anywhere from 6-11AM and we collect depending on weather. If its super freezing out, we'll collect earlier and several times to ensure that none freeze and break. If its warm out, we'll collect around 9am so they have some time.

    We don't refrigerate our eating eggs, they're kept on the counter in a basket BUT our selling eggs are rinsed and refrigerated in a separate fridge to our personal one. We have a mini fridge to keep them in.

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