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    DO chickens lay the same colored egg that they hatch from?
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    Oct 16, 2008
    I was told they will lay the egg that ther father is was oh I don't know if that sounds crazy but if you x aricauna hen and CM roo it will lay dark brown not green
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    Jun 12, 2008
    Quote:I believe if you cross a blue or green egg layer with the dark brown egg laying breed you will get an "Olive-egger"
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    Quote:I don't believe so. I hatched some mutts that came from some nice light to medium brown eggs, all were almost identical. The pullets just started to lay and not a one is identical. Turns out that the roo was a blue andalusian(white egg) and the hens were black australorp(brown egg) and my girls are laying what looks like a shade of brown over a white egg. Hard to describe, but if you look close it is like someone painted over a white egg, but only one coat so you can see the white underneath [​IMG] . Drom is right, but I don't remember which color is on top/bottom. It seems they inherit the egg color gene from each parent
    So to answer your question, mine don't [​IMG]
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    It depends on the eggshell genes of BOTH parents. For example:

    Araucana rooster x RIR hen= daughters lay green-olive eggs, despite their mother laying only brown eggs.

    RIR rooster x EE hen that lays green eggs, but genetically not pure for the green/blue eggshell gene= half of daughters lay brown or tan eggs, other half lays green-olive eggs. So half of them lay tan/brown despite their mother laying green eggs.

    There are a lot of different genes for eggshell color. There are many just for the tan-brown egg pigments. A lot of the brown or tan pigments are dominant, so crosses with these strongly tend to lay tinted-brown eggshells.

    Sometimes in threads concerning EE, Araucana, Amers, someone will bring up or recommend using roosters that hatched from a blue egg.. however this is not fool proof, it is largely making a "bet" the rooster is more than likely to have the blue eggshell gene in him.

    Same goes for recommending Marans roosters that hatched from really dark eggs- it's the hopes he will have inherited most of the desired genes for darker eggs..

    Same concept goes for hatching the 'best eggs'- the hen who laid them had the desirable combination of genes and it's the hope to hatch out chicks that have more of the desirable genes.
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