Egg Genetics?

The eggshell is either blue or white. It may have a brown coating applied to the outside of the shell.

Blue eggshell + coating = green
Blue eggshell + no coating = blue

White eggshell + coating = brown
White eggshell + no coating = white

This is looking at it very simplistically; the pigment that makes up the coating can vary depending upon the specific genes involved (and there are multiple).

Likewise, the pigment that goes into a blue eggshell can vary somewhat, causing some chickens' eggs to be darker/lighter or changing the hue a bit. There are genes that whiten up a white eggshell as well, and some that make the shells shiny and others that give them a matte surface.
First off before the Ameraucana police jump on you, there is no "i" in Ameraucana.

The answer for the egg color of the offspring . . .

If/since the Ameraucana lays a blue egg, the resulting pullet should lay a blue egg of some shade.

If your chicken is really an EE, then the egg color will depend on the color of the egg she lays. (using the leghorn for the rooster.)

Blue EE egg, should result in a blue egg laying pullet

Green EE egg, should result in a green egg laying pullet.

Brown EE egg, should result in a lighter brown egg laying pullet

Pink (is light brown) EE egg, will probably result in a lighter brown egg laying pullet.
White is dominant to brown.This means White Leghorn rooster over Ameraucana and EE will bring only blue and white eggs
Thanks! That answers my questions.. for a while anyway.

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