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Apr 26, 2010
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I think my pullets might have laid their eggs in the broody nest today, they aren't fertile eggs and she wont let me check will the eggs be ok tomorrow?or will I have to ditch them?
In Europe, they don't refrigerate eggs when selling them in the market. That's because the chicken coats the egg with "bloom" when it is laid, which protects the egg against bacterial infection. In the U.S., eggs are refrigerated because the USDA requires them to be washed with a bleach solution before going to market. This removes the "bloom" so the eggs are more susceptible to bacterial infection. Also, the eggs will have longer shelf life, meaning you don't get "fresh" eggs at U.S. markets.
Bottom line: they will be fine, especially if it's just overnight.
that doesn't say anything about an egg sitting for 20 hours under a broody chicken at 100degrees, its easy to repeat what you hear, but those eggs in europe are lucky if the temp hits 80 mid summer. your not telling me anything I don't know I lived in scotland for 20 years.
I see.
Well, I don't see how that changes anything. Think about it: a chicken doesn't lay a dozen eggs in one day; it lays one a day until there are a dozen (12 days) then sits on them all for 21 days. During which time they are protected from bacterial infection. So one day is unlikely to change that. Admittedly that is just speculation on my part.
Other than that, all I can suggest is that you give them the float test.
NevadaRon is absolutely right. I've eaten many eggs that have sat under a hot, broody butt for a few days. I'm still around to tell the tale.
the eggs will be fine. i check under my broody every day at least twice, just suck it up and stick your hand under there or put on a glove if you think she will draw blood.

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