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    hello! I am wondering if there is a master egg identification chard by breed for reference?

    I have 6 hens (2 Australorps, 2 Speckled Sussex, and 2 Wyandottes - Columbian and Golden Laced) and have only ever caught one Australorp and the Gold Wyandotte with an egg, so I know what those eggs look like.

    Are alleges from the Australorps going to look the same? Will the Columbian Wyandotte egg look different than the Golden? What do Speckled Sussex eggs look like?

    It’s been about a month, so I feel like I should have this all figured out by now.

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    Hi there okay so it's not as simple as all of that.

    An egg's base color is either white or blue. Then depending on the breed and the individual genetics there are multiple genes that add various amounts of brown shading. These genes can be as little as no brown shading all the way up to chocolate brown black copper Marans eggs and deep olive eggs.

    So each breed has a general color or array of colors. Each bird within a breed even from the same line can have different egg color. Over time you will likely learn which birds lay which eggs.

    Does that all make sense?

    It isn't just one or two genes that decide on color but multiple ones and then multiple genes effect the intensity of, or if there is any brown present.
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    Nope, not that'll have to catch each one 'in the act' and hope they are all unique enough to tell apart...... then hope you can remember the differences, haha!

    All your birds are brown egg layers(white shell with brown coating) and I'd guess they are all going to be fairly close in appearance....tho you may be able to differentiate subtle difference in shade of coating and shape of shell.

    Birds of same breed may have slightly different looking 2 SLW lay easily told apart eggs, tho I can't remember which bird lays which egg because I can hardly tell the birds apart :D.

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