Egg is 'seeping' - ewwwww.


9 Years
Jul 29, 2010
Aledo, TX
Hi all -

I got my first ever batch of hatching eggs in the mail today. Not too bad overall, only one was cracked, but one is like - seeping. It's kinda gross. It looks like when you get poison ivy and the serum seeps out of the area...

I know the cracked one is a non-starter, but what about the one that has liquid seeping from the 'pores'? What is it, and do I try to hatch it?
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you have a verry poris egge shell or the membran broke
it will not hach might be from elivation change. how far did eggs ship from?
They came from Arkansas to Texas.

The end that is seeping looks like the shell is 'thinner' than the other end.

Maybe it's just malformed.
Get rid of the seepers aka "weepers" pronto, they are bad and the bacteria can contaminate other eggs. If they don't stink yet they will most likely start.
It's in the trash and tomorrow is garbage day. I was going to crack it open but I was afraid to stink up the house. When I shook it it made a sloopy sloshing sound.

I was going to practice my Nolan Ryan imitation, but we have raccoons out back and I do NOT want to encourage the rat ba$%@rds.
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I tried shipped eggs my last batch and they were rather porous/thin shelled and one after another started seeping. One I covered with a paper towel to pick up and it popped in my hand. Will stick with local eggs that don't ship. The eggs were very well packaged and seven out of eight were intact (8th one had a hairline crack) so I don't think that was entirely the problem. If they show signs of seeping I suggest you get them out immediately. My bator is still airing out!

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