Egg Journal! Video is going up l8tr today! Egg candling chart on OP!

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    I'm gonna update this journal everyday, just so people can get a good learning experience out of hatching eggs, will include a video or two!


    Eggs:4 hybrid brown eggs, 2 hybrid white eggs, 2 hybrid brown/white eggs, and two possibly hybrid duck eggs.
    Alotta mix n' matching!

    Bator: little giant 9200 still air without turner. Stock thermometer. No hydrometer
    filled middle tray with water, will add water to other two trays in hatch period. (day 18+)

    Candler: Hi-power led lenser flashlight

    egg species:

    Back story:
    okay, so i had a male RIR and a female white leghorn. among other birds.
    eggs were fertilized from that leghorn so we incubated them and 2 hatched.
    a male RIR/leghorn and a female Rir/leghorn.
    2 years after this we got rid of our RIR male.
    so we were left with only the male hybrid and other chickens. none male.
    the hybrid then proceeded to mate with his mother, her other leghorn freinds, her other RIR freinds, and his own sister. the hybrid female.
    I've named it an RIL (rhode-island leghorn)

    so the eggs are:

    brown: RIR/RIL
    white: RIL/leghorn
    between:RIL/RIL (incest)

    the duck eggs are just a mix of pekin and mallard, maybe muscovy.

    so, on with the journal:

    Day 1:

    marked the eggs with X's and O's
    set the temp of the bator to 102 at the top of the eggs, hopefully no fluctuatuion.
    see you guys tomorrow thats it for today!

    Egg candling chart: NOTE: when I say day one, I mean when day one has been completed. So candling at the beginning of day 2 will be day 1 development..

    DAY 1.
    you will only see the same results with a reasonably powerful flash light.
    Also these pictures are candling of a light colored egg.
    first drawing is what the egg really looks like inside
    second one is what it looks like candling.
    notice the dot in the middle that you see in the pictures. That is a mass of cells called the germinal disc. this will enlarge as incubation progresses. and by day 3 or 4 it will form tissues and organs. Its like an egg inside of an egg.

    DAY 2
    The germinal disc has got more than 4 times bigger than its original size. the cells have formed a small embryo-like formation in the middle and they are creating the tissues that eventually become a baby chick. However when candling, this pseudo-embryo is not visible.

    DAY 3
    To come tomorrow! New years day!
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    Oh this is exciting! Let us know how this turns out... [​IMG]
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    You got it!

    End of day 1, beginning of day 2.

    woke up, turned the eggs, candled.

    60% are for sure fertilised and developing, with my powerful flash light, I could see the germinal discs in the eggs.

    40% were too dark to see the discs in them (brown eggs).

    good news is that the duck eggs are developing and I was having doubts about them, they were old and some might not even be fertile. but I got it good this time!

    Bad news: none!

    More good news: the temperature is really reliable on this Lg, 102 on top of the eggs and has not fluctuated one bit!

    thats all for today. see you on day 3!
  4. rocketdog312

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Phoenix, Arizona
    End of day 2 beginning of day 3.

    germinal disc is quite large and all the eggs are showing signs of development. This is great!
    one problem though, I accidently broke an egg and we are left with only 9 now. When the final hatch rate goes out, I will count out of 9 not of 10.

    temperature is stable, though drops when I open open it to turn the eggs. If I can get a 100% hatch rate out of this I will be very glad. but, better not get my hopes up.
    thats all for today, be sure to check out the original post for the eggs candling chart!
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    Cool Im watching too go babies go!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    So what happened?????

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