Egg Layed With a Very Thick Membrane

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    Mar 26, 2016
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    Good Morning, I am in need of some information. I went out this morning to collect eggs this morning and this is what I found:


    The shell inside is very hard and like every other egg I have been getting from the the 1 yo Rhode Island Red X White Rock Pullets I bought this spring. They have been laying since I got them. I also have 6 9 week old chicks and 1 much older chicken I got in April. I have no idea how old this old chick is. She is pretty big. close to the same size as the 1 yo. However is comb is not red yet.

    They are all in a 25x18 ft run with a 8x4x8 ft coop.They were moved into this enclosure last Saturday May 28. because they are still getting used to each other, they are separated at night. Because of this this, the older chickens not have access to the laying boxes until I go out at 6am and open the coop.

    Questions: Is this a problem if one of the older chickens played this? Could it be that this egg was "held on to" while adjusting to new coop and having to wait to lay it? OR could this be the older pullets first egg?

    Thank you for your help.


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