Egg Laying Attitudes

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    Apr 14, 2014
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    My chickens have finally been laying for about 2 weeks now! They lay at all different times of the day and there are only 5/6 of then laying. I am sure they will catch up and get a good routine going. I have one of my RIR's though that lays in the neating box on top of the egg for hours at a time after laying it. Is this a normal reaction or is she wanting to be a mom? I am not sure what to do about this situation because they are 26 weeks old.
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    I think it will all sort out after a little more time.
    The one who sits after laying for hours might be a good broody hen in the future but I doubt she trying to brood already, just listening an instinct that tells her to protect the egg, just a guess though.
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    Sometimes they will sit in the nest after laying..I have several who do that.

    A broody will be indicated by not laying; sitting the nest day and night; flattening out, hissing, growling pecking if disturbed.

    Not much to do but observe, if you decide she is broody(sitting day and night constantly for 3 days in a row) you can break her of it, or give her fertile eggs if you want her to hatch some out.

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