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    I was curious if anyone keeps track of what chicken lays what egg, how much it weighs, etc. I do this on a spreadsheet and have been doing so since March 16th. This is something I'm sure would work best IF you only have a few chickens and know who's laying which egg. This could also be done simply by recording the individual weights of each egg. I started this because I wanted to know what the average size egg was, how often each chicken lays, and just how many eggs we're getting. Right now I have 3 girls laying, and since March 16th they've laid a combined total weight of 17.9 lbs. This does not include today's totals (they haven't laid yet).

    I have 3 more girls about to lay, and don't think I'll be able to keep track of who's egg is who's anymore so my spreadsheet will need adjusting. Just thought I'd share that. It's fun to see just how many "free" eggs you're getting.

    I'd be happy to go in to more detail if someone wants to make their own spreadsheet.

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