egg laying death?

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    Feb 3, 2014
    Is it possible for a hen to die during egg laying? My girl was showing all the signs of her first egg yesterday and this morning I found her dead in a nesting box. She was healthy, eating well, drinking just fine, no mites or fleas and has been wormed. Even her poop was fine and normal. I felt her vent and there did seem to be a lump, but I couldn't see it for confirmation. She was extremely small, that's why we named her Teeny. She was about the size of a silkie only she was an RIR. I didn't think size makes a difference, I just assumed her eggs would be smaller. Now, I don't know. Should I worry about the rest of my flock?
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Could you face opening her up to see if she had an egg in her uterus (shell gland, last step before laying)?
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    This can happen with bantam breeds as well as bantam runts. By the sound of things you had a bantam that was a runt. Sometimes when Bantams lay eggs that are to big they damage them selves so they can never lay again even though they will try. Sometimes that will kill them. However with RUNT bantams, If they try to lay an egg that is to big, They can kill them selves. I have lost about two Runt bantams to this. one was a silkie, the other a bantam cochin.
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    She could have been egg bound, especially if you found her in a nest box. It can be common to lose a hen around the point of lay. To check for egg binding, you can insert a gloved finger 1-2 inches into the vent to feel for an egg. Sometimes the stuck egg cannot be felt, but you can give a Tums or clalcium supplement, and soak them in a shallow warm bath for 30 minutes, and they can relax enough to pass the egg. Sorry about your loss.
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