Egg-laying rooster! Can silkie hens have a walnut comb?


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May 19, 2009
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I am really baffled... I have what I believe to be a silkie rooster and a sizzle cockerel, they both have huge walnut-looking combs (is that the right term?), but today there was 2 eggs in the chicken coop... I am bewildered. Can a silkie hen have a comb? Now that I think of it, he/she has never crowed, but the huge comb is suspicious. I have had silkie hens in the past and they never had a comb. I am confused right now

Kelly this is my first year with chickens in the back yard and I got six dark (I think black) silkies and six mixed straight runs. Only two of the six silkies turned out hens but one with the big hair do and the other had more of a male hair do both are bearded but the one with the small do has more of a comb. would it be more of a variety difference? I have pictures on my BYC page.
The bigger comb is considered a lesser quality trait and is frowned on when you're showing Silkies. The fluffier they are the better for showing also. However, as pets it really doesn't matter.

Thank you Kelly but pets all my girls are working girls
specially now that I broke my three broodies.

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