Egg Laying, Squatting, and A Cute Story....

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    One of my favorite parts of having chickens, the excitement of new layers! I have 8 hens (was 10 darn hawk) only one has been of laying age the rest months younger. Well I am now getting more eggs! My BR started laying over a week ago.Yesterday I found a little dark brown egg, I think it was my RSL Phoebe. Today a little green egg, pretty sure it was my EE Fidgety Gidget.

    Gidget's egg net to my PR's egg

    Now I am wondering if squatting coordinates with egg laying? Both pullets Gidget and Phoebe have been squatting for a week or so. Mostly Gidget who is my most skittish now squats every time I get close. However my BR Peezer has never once squatted to me. Maybe because she seems to be the flock leader. No squatting from the others, yet. My guess is that squatting means egg laying is close. I am also assuming that the squatting is them seeing me as the dominate or the rooster?

    At any rate I hope the last dozen eggs I bought will be the last :)

    Now the sweet story,,,,
    Yesterday morning I was checking on the birds. With that pesky hawk I freak out if I cant find one. Well my RSL Phoebe was missing. She is my smallest and most friendly. Her sister Popcorn got taken by the hawk a few weeks ago so I really wanted to find her. Well I found her, she was in the coop. I opened up the nesting box lid and I could see her picking up straw from the nesting box and her head disappearing back inside the coop. I open the main coop door to see her building a nest for the false egg that got knocked out. So I put the egg back into the nesting box, Next thing I know Phoebe is taking straw out of the coop and placing it back beside the egg in the nesting box. That has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen a chicken do. Later that day there was a small dark brown egg right by the fake one.
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    Some squat, some don't. There's a strong desire to be mated before they start laying, but not everyone does it.

    It is funny to watch them in the nest putting bedding and hay on their backs and also like yours, trying to cover the eggs afterwards. I see it mostly in new layers, the older girls often get in and get it done and skip all the extra stuff.

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