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    Jul 21, 2017
    how will my chickens know when to build a nest and where to lay their eggs? Will they still use the nest if I toutch it? Do they make one nest and always use that one or use many different ones? Are dead pineneedles, twigs and leafs ok to make their nest? How often do they lay?
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    Jul 28, 2017
    It is in their instincts to make nests when they are ready, just give the a mound of nest material and they do the rest. They will make their nests wherever they can find a quiet place or in a laying box if you build one (they will automatically start using it if you put down some bedding and give them some privacy from the other girls). I use straw for my bedding, you can also get wood shavings from your local feed store that are make for the purpose of bedding for chickens. It doesn't matter how many times you touch the nests they aren't as sensitive to humans as most birds, you can stick your hand under them and they mostly dont care. They like their bedding to be on the softer side so I wouldn't use dead leaves or pine needles, nothing that would poke them or make them uncomfortable. The best bird lays every day of the week, but 4-7 eggs a week once they have layed for awhile is great. For awhile expect only and egg or two a week as they get the hang of it. In extreme temperatures (summer or winter) they will lay less.

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