egg on da floor!


9 Years
May 7, 2010
I have 14 hens and 1 rooster. So far, only 2 hens are laying, and they're ones we inherited. The layers are a BR and a white legghorn. THe white's a great layer. Every day during the week and she usually takes a break over the weekend.

Well the BR is every other day, and she misses some days.

Well this morning I got out to the coop and there in the middle of the floor is a brown egg... I looked suspiciously at my other hens, and I don't think they're quite laying yet. But how could the veteran layer BR have missed the boxes like that?
I think I'm going to have to name this Barred Rock Daffy. All my hens like to roost on top of the roosting perches I built in the pen. They'll jump up on top of the board outside the laying boxes, then jump up to the roosting perches.

Daffy will hop on top of the garbage can I use to hold their food and sleep there.

She's might weird.
My young ones have all layed in the floor to start with. I just pick up the eggs when I find them and put them in the boxes. I can usually tell though because they are smaller eggs. However, occationally I find my older hens laying in the floor or outside the coop. Usually when things change it throughs them off. Anyway I just try to catch them sitting and pick them up and put them in the next box. Then put something in the spot where they laid that will make them want to find a new spot.

blocking her in the nest box will work too but, that can make her go broody. That is what I do when I need a broody for some reason.
lol... I can just imagine the stink eye of a hen trapped in a box to make her go broody. Actually you know what I think would make a fun broody hen? AN Easter EGGER!
My ee's are so goofy looking with their beards. Actually they're just gorgeous, and I handle them a lot so they aren't squeamish around people. We had a party at our house not long ago and I had the hens locked up in their coop. My niece opened the door and out they went!

But I could've rounded them up with a butterfly net. When they would be sitting around in the dust or eating the kids corndogs out of their hands, you could just pick them up, handle them, pet them and put them back. People were astounded they were that docile. Everyone got a kick out of the beards the EE gals had.

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