Egg pecking or??

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    Ok.. As many of you know, my pullets have been laying (at least one of them) since Dec 13th.. I have had almost an egg a day outside of 4 days where I didn't find any.. My question is, two different eggs have had a hole in them.. The hole is *only* in the shell and does not go through the membrane at all so my chickens have never gotten the taste of raw egg.. Is this possibly just from moving the egg arounbd by either the one who laid it or the roo or is this the beginning of egg eating? Has anyone else ever encountered this where it never became a problem? What am I dealing with here?? And is the egg still safe to eat as long as the membrane is completely intact.. (The egg was still clean and warm when I took it out)


    Same egg, a little closer up..

    Goddess [​IMG]
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    Could be form a chicken peck but they tend to bust the membrane and eat the egg. I would say it might be from a chicken toenail, But most likely there might of been a calcium deposit on the shell when it was laid that got knocked off. It should be fine to eat, but I would eat it soon because with no shell there bacteria can enter the egg a whole lot easier. The shell is like a protective barrier. If you don't fell safe to eat it then don't. Maybe someone else has a different opinion.

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