Egg Pecking Party

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    Jul 20, 2011
    Hello All - I'm looking for advice on what to do about Egg Pecking. I have a flock of 7 - which consist of 2 Leghorns and 5 Comets. Out of the whole flock, 2 are actively laying now, the others not yet. My first layer, the Leghorn, has been laying for about 4 weeks with no issues. My Comet just started laying this week, and has laid 4 eggs so far. This morning she was on her nest laying an egg, and I went inside for a few moments, and came back out to see everyone gathered around the egg pecking at it.
    They managed to get the egg out of the coop, down the ramp, out the door and into the enclosed run. The egg suffered no damage, other than scratches, but I'm worried that if i hadn't arrived on this scene so soon, what could have happened. From some of my reading here, it said that if the egg has a crack that they would do that, but there was nothing wrong with this egg. Why would they do that and how can I stop it?
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    That is a super shell if it made it that far without breaking. I'm curious to know this too...

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