Egg prices WILL rise again

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Get ready for the price of eggs to go up again. The price of chicken too, and everything else. This is going to happen because the Govt' has stated that the cost of gas WILL rise to $4 a gallon. Get all the chicks you can now. The cost of them will go up to. And in case some haven't heard the cost of stamps will go up in May. That means the cost of shipping your chicks will go up.
We're already seeing a rise in prices here, not just gas. Things at my local grocery have gone up, Subway sandwich of the month is up 30 cents and even the local gas station raised the price of it's milk shakes 30 cents. LOL

Time for me to get my veggie garden under way and start becoming more self sufficient.
gas prices here are $3.15 a gal for eggs are $1.75 to $2 a doz.the 18 packs are $2.93.
Here the average in gas is $3.25 and the price of eggs are between $1.75 at ALDI and as much as $2.99 at Food Lion.

I agree with the garden. Actually we have 2 rows of cabbage and 3 rows of potatoes and 1 row of onions already planted. But yesterday and today I had to garden si, cause every time I turned around the neighbors goats were in it. Finially I got frustrated enough to call animal control cause no one was home at the time. We have told them to keep the goats out of our garden but they don't. Our garden is used soley as a food source for us, it may not be as big as the neighbors but it's still ours.

I am not going to hurt an animal cause of the owners ignorance, so I would shew them away and as soon as I turned my back they were back in the yard and garden. And get this, they finially went to their pen and not even 2 minutes later one of the owners show up.
Anyways, Animal Control came and I had taken pictures and he looked at them and he went and told them to contain the animals to their yard.

I have a feeling now when our coop goes up that they are going to start trouble with us about that. Well I guess I'll just take one day at a time. The old saying is true.....Tall fences make good neighbors.
If that goat is taking food from you maybe it time for him to make a contribution back to your table. Sounds like its time for goat stew
Or here in Hawaii it would be goat adobo. Is it a nanny? can you just keep it and milk her?
I personally would catch the goat and tie her up. If your neighbor comes looking for it you can present a bill for 5 head of cabbage. If they don't come looking for it, then its dinner time.
Either that or tie her up to your neighbors front door with a couple 30-06 bullets hanging from its collar. Should get the message across.....unless your neighbors are complete idiots and clueless to country life.

Seriously. Get a milk goat, Sharon. My goats forage alot but they do get a ration of feed and grain daily. One goat can eat a week or more on one 50 lb bag of feed plus a pad of hay and forage. She milks 2 gallons of milk a day. You win with the dairy goat. One day of milking pays for the bag of feed each week.

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