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    Sep 29, 2012
    Hi everyone, I live in northern ny and this is my first year with chickens.... we have 19 hens and 1 rooster. they are a mix of rhode island reds, white plymouth rocks, and barred rocks... I purchased them at a day old in april.. this summer they started laying really well, we were getting 15-16 eggs a day.. last 2 weeks egg production has gone down a lot.. now getting 5-6 eggs a day. they receive fresh layer crumble, grit/oyster shells, and have fresh water daily... along with some cracked corn thrown in their run for treats every day... I also let them free range when we not working. When we are not home, we do confine them to their 20ft run... the daylight hours have been getting shorter as well.. sunrise is around 7am and sunset is about 5pm. Could this be why egg production has slowed? any ideas or suggestions?

    Greatly appreciate feedback!
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    I'm afraid it's entirely normal. I wasn't going to be a supplemental light person but when I realized that I very well could end up with MONTHS of no fresh eggs, well, the light and timer were installed and I'm awaiting reactivation of the laying machinery. They all went into molt between late summer and a couple weeks ago and we're talking zero eggs. They're looking pretty much done with molting now but no eggs and no squatting. So, I've got my fingers crossed that getting their fluffy bums off the roost at 3AM will do the trick.

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