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    Mar 31, 2010
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    Out of 12 girls, we average around 10 eggs/day. On Friday, we had my first perfect dozen 12 for 12. However on Saturday we had only 4 eggs, and today just one. It's our second year with chicks, and we didn't see this significant of a drop last winter. Sure, just when I had developed a customer base. A number of these girls are new layers, within the past couple of months. So, I've considered the following: Shorter days, so I added a light/timer to give the 14 hours of "light". They are not molting, and don't seem to have any bug problems. It's getting colder with last Friday being our first frost, but i believe my breeds are cold climate birds (see signature block). Any suggestion/comments would be appreciated. Will their production stay low until Spring? Thanks!!

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    Anytime there's a drop or rise in temperatures it puts stress on the chickens and egg laying declines til they adjust to the new temps. This is the time of year the molt kicks in as well. Expect a gradual decline in egg production heading into winter. Edited: I have 11 hens...I get 1 or 2 eggs one day, maybe 5 eggs the next day if that. Five hens are in molt and temperatures are fluctuating hot one day, chilly the next. I'm lucky to be getting what I'm getting.
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    Wow! You get a great supply. Out of 12 girls I'm getting 3-5 maybe 6 eggs per day. 5 of mine are molting though. Tragic!
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    mine are just starting to lay and are not too keen on starting in this season.

    Very frustrating.


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