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    Apr 28, 2013
    I have have chickens and was getting 4-5 eggs a day. Down to 1-3 eggs most days 2.. One chicken went broody one is in molt. Two of the other 3 have gotten very sporadic. Both were laying about 6 eggs a week. I had one lay an egg fart today. Chickens are free ranging. They get a lot of vegetable scraps. I was told they may not be getting enough protein. Any suggestions?
  2. It is common for hens to change production. Providing fresh water and layer pellets (good nutrition) along with you free ranging should iron things out on their own. Protein can be 16-18%. I add Game Bird Starter now & then to make sure. But in all likely hood chickens will find good protein in the bug on your property.

    Any chance of a hidden nest?
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    In my years of experience with a variety of hens, I've seen egg production ebb and flow a lot during "high" season. I have one chicken that lays like crazy for a couple of weeks, then stops altogether for another two weeks.

    Have never found an answer for it.

    Of course, as the days get shorter, production goes down unless you have control over the amount of daylight they get.

    It's a mystery.
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    Apr 28, 2013
    Been looking for hide nest none found. Will wait it out
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    Ebb and flow is normal, and molting and broodiness definitely put a damper on your production as those birds aren't laying.

    Temperature changes (heatwave) will also slow them down.

    However, you also might consider if they need to be de-wormed. A slow down in laying is often the first sign of worm infestation build up.

    You can try natural methods or use one of the common medicines. If production is down, now might be a really good time if you've never de-wormed especially if you choose to use a method that requires egg toss.

    Lady of McCamley
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