Egg Production. How often for you?

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    With my one coop I have four non layers and six layers. I get six eggs one day the next day I'll get four. (Before a fire I used to get 6 eggs each day no matter what.) I think the stress of that has thrown off their laying cycle or some are beginning to molt and aren't producing eggs everyday. Any thoughts?
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    How old are birds?
    Are the 'non layers' females?
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    You really don't get an egg everyday from every bird. The best layers I had would go nine and tens days laying in a row then take a day off in pullet year. Chicken ovulation rates range from 24 hours up. The world record layer missed one egg in her pullet year so even she ovulated every 24 hours and some micro parts of second. She broke the previous record of 354 eggs which broke the record of 1923-24 of 347 eggs. So you see, the three best layers in the history of mankind all had ovulation cycles over 24 hours.

    I must admit that "history of mankind" is likely overstated. Commercial Hyline brand layers probably hit those numbers but nobody cared.
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