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Jun 29, 2012
Three of my four girls were laying. i was getting two to three eggs a day. Charlotta the last to start laying got broody about two weeks ago and has since stopped laying. Leona is steady as she goes an egg a day. Dottie has also stopped. I realize it is getting to be fall here in Illinois but it is still quite warm and sunny. they get to run the yard during the day (yes i checked for hidden nests and have not found one). anyone got any ideas on whats going on with Dottie and Charlotta. they supposedly are all 8 months old.
If Charlotta is broody then she will not lay any eggs until she is done being broody or you break the behavior. If you let it run it's course in my experience it usually takes about 3 weeks of being broody then one more week to start laying again.

Other factors for Dottie could be a mini molt and the season/length of day. I would check them all over for mites and just make sure they are healthy. Also make sure nothing in their diet has changed and that they have enough protein and calcium but laying reduction is normal this time of year.
Charlotta was sitting on the nest all the time and i took her off and in addition i locked the pen so she could not go back in and sit again. it seemed to work as she does not sit for long periods of time on the nest. Leona is laying in the next and she does not sit on the egg. i will check on Dottie for for molt and mites. thanks for the info.

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