Egg Salad Made Easy

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    This is SO much easier than peeling multiple eggs to make eggs salad for a crowd! Just crack the desired number of eggs into a microwave safe dish of appropriate size (I use a covered, clear Pyrex dish). Do not add salt or spices and do not beat the eggs together or the result will be rubbery. Cover the dish and microwave on high for about 2 minutes if making 10 eggs or less, or 3 minutes if making more. Adjust time to suit your microwave wattage. Your trying to cook the edges only, not the middle. Push the cooked edges into the middle of the dish and repeat cooking at 2 minute intervals, always pushing the cooked portion into the middle in between cooking times. When eggs are completely cooked, leave to cool. When cooled, put into a food processor with your favorite additives, i.e. mayonnaise, dill, onions, salt, etc. Process until smooth and then enjoy! Tastes just like the hard-boiled egg method, but easier and quicker. Happy Eating! [​IMG]
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    Don't the yolks explode?

    When I hardcook eggs in the microwave I always poke a few holes (with the tip of a knife) in the yolks, but sometimes they still POP!

    I can picture 10 eggs blowing the lid off your Pyrex dish...

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